Student earns college credit through Dual Enrollment Program


By taking advantage of the Dual Enrollment program, Lura Crittenden was able to earn two semesters worth of college credits while still in high school.


That means when Crittenden graduates in May from the Advertising Design Academy at Brewbaker Technology Magnet High School, she will already have two semesters credit toward a Graphic Design degree at Trenholm State Technical College.


The dual enrollment program allows high school students to take college courses to either get ahead in their college education, or study more traditional trades to be able to enter the workforce sooner.


For students planning to go to college, it means they could be a year or two ahead of their high school graduating class--saving thousands of dollars in tuition. For teenagers not interested in a four-year college degree, the dual enrollment program offers them opportunities to study a number of trades.


Last year, ACCS schools provided 3,500 scholarships to Alabama high school students in career-technical dual enrollment programs.“This has given me a huge head start, and it will get me out in the workforce a lot sooner,” Crittenden says. It also means that she will have a head start as she progresses with her education.


Once she completes her associates’ degree at Trenholm, Crittenden plans to continue her education at a four- year institution. “ But I will already have an employable skill while I pursue a four-year degree,” Crittenden says.


“The dual enrollment program has helped me understand the true roll of a graphic designer and the demand of the job,” she adds. “I have had the opportunity to build solid design portfolio solutions, not only from studio projects, but from the work that I was able to do creating design solutions for logos, print and web related to student organizations at Brew Tech.”


 Crittenden says she’s even had a lot of fun taking classes during the school year and over the summer at Trenholm, where she spent a lot of time working on 3D fundamentals, web design and video design.


“Dual enrollment is a great program with tremendous benefits,” says ACCS Chancellor Mark Henrich. “It’s a win-win situation for the high schools, our community colleges and for businesses across Alabama.”

High school senior, Lura Crittenden has earned two semesters of college credit through the Dual Enrollment program at Trenholm State Technical College.


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